Job Hall / Director + Producer


Broadcast, Commercial, Directing, VFX

This :60 broadcast commercial is a snapshot of a day onboard the Queen Mary. We spent weeks meticulously planning every camera movement and transition down to the tiniest detail. During the two days of production, we used dollies, movis, technocranes, drones, loads of VFX, and a whole bunch of really talented crew and cast to make the concept come to life. The result is a buttery smooth rollercoaster ride through the ship.

Production Company: Cardinal Media
Concept/Director/Producer/Editor: Job Hall
1st AD: Matt Smith
VFX Director: Matthijs Joor
DP: Logan Triplett
Camera/Movi Op: Aaron Mendez
1st AC: Jeff Butcher
Gaffer: Joshua Atkin
BB Electric: Levi Williams
Key Grip: Justin Duquette
BB Grip: Dan Miller
DIT: Fred Fernandez
Swing/Driver: Ben Stanziale
H&M: Jenny Hou
Asst H&M: Katie Gunderson
Key PA: Allie Toman
PA: Andy Mysliwiec
Casting: Josell Mariano (Smith&Union)
Aerial Op: Nes Rodriguez
Copywriting: Chris Kenny, Job Hall
Director of Marketing: Chris Wilmoth
Marketing Specialist: Emily Seruga
Camera: Eastside Camera Services
Grip: Express Grip & Lighting
Dolly: JL Fischer

Post Production
Editor: Job Hall
Compositing and cleanup: Matthijs Joor
Colorist: Phil Choe (Nice Shoes, Boston)
Motion Artist: David Stanfield
VO: Kaz Silver
Sound Design: Defacto Sound