Job Hall / Director + Producer


360, Commercials, VR

Want to live like a local? Check out this 16 city European tourism series I produced/creative directed for & Google Zoo! Filmed in Amsterdam, London, Paris, New York City, Prague, Milan, Lisbon, Barcelona, Berlin, Vienna, Dublin, Rome, Hamburg, Madrid, Venice and Munich.

Over the course of six weeks, I organized four productions teams (+100 crew members) and 63 cast members to film simultaneously in 16 cities in 11 different countries. Managing a production team of five, we cleared +500 locations and handled every other facet of production. I also oversaw post-production (along with PPM, Cas de Bouwer). We edited and mastered 96 deliverables in three weeks (:60 or :30 edits, including digital content, mobile cutdowns and 360 video), and added another 80 cutdowns over the following several months.

Most importantly, we build a massive video library which allowed Booking and Google to delivery programmatic video ads that were customized to the viewer's past search and browsing history.

My title was Producer, but along with in-house director Tom Titulaer, I also worked as a Creative Director: developing creative concepts, writing treatments, pitching & Google, and co-directing the pilot commercials. I also led other aspects of the creative process, including the optimization of social media content (along with the great folks at Google).

For a full VR 360º experience, click on the videos below, then drag up, down, left or right.