Jobe Hall / Director + Producer

About Job Hall

Job Hall is a director, producer and creative partner. He creates campaign strategy and creative content for some of the world's biggest brands. He helps optimize the positioning of their products and services and develop meaningful conversations with their customers and partners. 

Brands: Google, YouTube, Facebook, Nike, Twitter, Adidas, Honda, Bank of America, NFL Network, Dell, Discover LA, Petco, American Express, Philips,, Tommy Hilfiger and many more.


Commercial + Film Director / Executive Producer
Los Angeles + Boston

Cardinal Media is a creative digital film production company. We create world-class campaigns and award-winning content for companies like Google, Facebook and Nike. We optimize the positioning of their products and services, and develop meaningful conversations with their customers and partners.

We produce global advertising campaigns, branded content, films, television, digital and mobile content, and manage all aspect of production, from prep through post. Additional clients include Twitter, YouTube, Paramount Pictures, Apple, NFL Network, Dell, Intuit, Easton, Adidas, Discover LA, Petco and more.

2010 - Present


Owner / Producer / Director
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cardinal Films is a Dutch film company, based in Amsterdam, whose primary objective is fostering and facilitating film production between international businesses and production companies in North America and the European Union. Clients include, Dell, Philips, Tommy Hilfiger, Made.For.Digital, Media Monks, PostPanic and more.

2015 - 2017


TYR Sport
Creative Director / Marketing Manager
Huntington Beach, CA

TYR is one of the world's leading swim and triathlon companies. As Creative Director and Marketing Manager, I directed photo/film shoots with some of the world's top athletes, created international advertising campaigns for the Olympic Games, launched live-stream video and social media content for the Ironman World Championships, developed and implemented marketing strategy, designed print, POP & sales materials, and collaborated with world-class photographers, designers, retouchers and producers to create content for all mediums.

2006 - 2010


Other Places
Paramount Pictures
Warner Bros
Picturelab / Transvideo Studios


Chapman University
Dodge College of Film and Media Arts
BFA, Advertising, Film Production
Orange, CA