JOBE HALL / Producer & Director


Hi! I'm Jobe.



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I am collaborative and strategic, and I understand the art of navigating creative, clients, budgets, timelines, resources and technology.

I'm a filmmaker at heart, but also have extensive hands-on experience with design, creative direction, photography and branding. I am also a trained cinematographer (Chapman University film school). Since 2010, I've run a small production company in Los Angeles, servicing some of the world's biggest brands and building an international network of filmmakers, producers, animators and designers in the process. 

I moved from LA to Amsterdam in 2015 to shake up my comfort zone, learn a new language, explore Europe and expand my production network further. I operate both my US and Dutch production companies simultaneously with a long-term goal of connecting production between Europe and the USA.

When I'm not looking through a viewfinder or working at a computer, you can usually find me playing hockey, crafting furniture, traveling and meeting new people over coffee.